Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love Me Two Time:Poetry Prodigy

The great American rock-Legend,Poetry Prodigy born on December 8,1943 his full name James Douglas Morrison,shortly 'Jim Morrison born in Florida.he was a singer,song writer, and poet.but unfortunately 1969 Woodstock show he was missed,a great disappointments for fans across the of my favourite track of doors is 'love me two time' Jim was the first person who introduced tight-leather trouser is excellent. died on July 3,1971 in France in bath-tub in his room at the age of 27.he was-short -lived but he created poetry -mixed- music for years....and he occupied front-page in the rock book forever ! the doors never closed it is opened forever...forever...till the earth is exists ! once i remember the lizard king

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